Saturday, July 11, 2009

The neighbors

Now, if you lean your head to the right and make the right side of this picture the top (in your line of vision) you can see the bush to the side of the porch that is housing our new neighbors, the Robin family. Red Breasted robins to be exact (Jerry is looking it up as we speak). I have seen alot of activity in and about this bush but didn't realize why until today. That's right, two robin's eggs, nestled safely in this bush by the side of our house, directly underneath our bedroom windows. This is a really nice thing to have. I am now keeping this nest as safe and protected as possible, because we actually have other neighbors who are not so much fun.
The neighbors I am referring to live across the street on a part time basis. We have had an uneasy truce with these neighbors because they continue to let their dogs run around the neighborhood leashless and unchecked, therefore making it impossible for us to keep our dogs on our property because they are chasing their dogs (three or four or five, depending on who their guests are) who come on our property, poop, and leave. It is really a pain in the butt, but they are only weekenders (for now) so it's not that big a deal. Someday I see a fence in our future, but for now we held an uneasy truce. Until now. Last night their newest canine friend, a pitbull, arrived on our porch with his teeth bared and looking for a fight with our dogs. I was inside on the right side of the storm door and their dog the pitbull came right up to the door and was trying to get on my side of the door without invitation. I closed the main door in his face and stayed inside. I don't want to fight with the neighbors, but I now have a large stick on the porch, and I will use it if I have to. I just hope that is ENOUGH to enable me to be the winner in that fight. I don"t love their dog. Not a big fan. Call me prejudiced, but I don't feel the love from pitbulls. Never have. And this pitbull is non-neutered which means he has a set, for real. He's looking to make a point and I think I'm it. So I will continue to see things from my porch (such as these beautiful blue robins eggs) and pretend that things are just fine in this neighborhood. Just fine. But I now carry a big stick.
Aren't these just beautiful? I'm thinking of starting a pool for the hatch date, because I have no idea. I will say the 18th with a dollar on it. Any takers?
P.S. The pictures are sideways because I argued with my photo program three times, and gave up. The pictures are sideways. That is how my day is going. I'm dealing with it. Sticks help. Beer helps more.

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