Monday, July 13, 2009

Robins Nest

Well Gang, We are Foster parents of what appears to be two baby Robins. The very next morning we checked and they hatched. Notice no shells left, appears the proud parents remove them right away. The night that Jen took the picture of the eggs it rained and I was thinking it was time for Noah and his Ark. Mother robin was seated tight on the nest with wind and rain blowing. This is what we found that morning. We will keep you up dated. Next good news...Ali is back from her week away of camping out on the east end of Long Island, some sun burn and some tan. Welcome home, we missed you... Check her Face Book, I sure she will be posting photos . One week home and then she is gone again to do more camping. Saturday Night Jen & I helped out at the "Glove Theater", Taking tickets at the door and helping out at the food counter. They had a great turn out for Elvis. Was a late night for us , getting home after 11 pm...somebody has to help clean up. We are waiting for Jen's cousin, Carrie and a friend to arrive here at the camp, they are driving from California and stopping here. They will be staying atleast overnight , then heading south to L.I. in the next day or two.
Thats all that is news for now.
Til Next time Gang..........Jerry

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