Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Some Photos on a Rainy Day To LQQK At!

Well Gang I know I posted about Brian's Graduation but I figured I would get some of the photos out of the camera and post then on the Blog. It's been a rainy day here in Caroga Lake and a little chilly, the pellet stove is going and all is Toasty here in the cabin. The roofers came by and did some work in the rain but mostly under some overhang areas,they still ended up getting soaked. We did our best to make them comfortable , Hot Coffee ,towels to wipe off with and made the inside of the cabin available to warm up. They took the coffee and stayed outside under the porch during breaks. Jen & I headed into town to pick up a few items from the supermarket and checked on the cottage as I left a couple things unlocked after leaving his weekend. (Cabin= home...Cottage= Glorified tent by the lake) Just been a Dank day all around, Spoke to Brian on the island and he reports rain too. So here goes on some pictures So Proud of Brian!!!! He did not get the memo about dark pants under the robe.
Brian & Ashly
Jen, Brian & Me.....I forgot to shave that day.. How is it that I keep getting older looking and Jen seems to get younger and better looking?
Jen , Brian, Me ,Nicole and Ashly Photobucket
Brian Gettin ready to eat... We love the BIG Pin Brian!
The cottage after a little cleaning up before friends show up on Memorial day
Hail...Hail, Some of the Gangs all Here.
The small Assoc. marina , I helped put those docks in the day before
East Caroga Lake Assoc. Beach, Still early in the season but not too early for sun lovers!
More Marina docks on the left side of beach that we put in the other day
The East Caroga Lake Assoc. club house, Jen and I attended a New Years Eve party there last winter
So that's it Gang...Some Eye Candy to look at. On Memorial Day the beach was packed, Family ,friends , jet ski's, kayaks and teenagers that found the sand , sun, water and new summertime friends.
Til next time........Jerry


Anonymous said...

Whoa, Jen looks like she is in her 30's. Jerry, you look about 70......Dude, break out the razor!!!

Anonymous said...

Well Gang...Jen tells me that the beard feels good.. So for now it stays on...Maybe I can color it...Nah it's just going to stay gray. Whats next color the hair?