Saturday, May 30, 2009

Yard Sale Day

The sun is out. Cripes, I hardly recognized it. Today is chock full. We are heading up to Caroga Lake because Allison has a plan that does not include us, and I couldn't be happier for her. After I drop her off, with appropriate sad faces and tears (from me, not her) I will be booking it down to Johnstown because today is 'GARAGE SALE DAY IN JOHNSTOWN". I know. When it dawned on me that we would actually be here this weekend due to a number of circumstances beyond my control, and that the Johnstown Garage Sale Days would be happening simultaneously, I was stunned. This is good karma like I've never seen before. I am somewhat confused because Jerry was out and about this morning, passing through Johnstown on his way to a bee job, and he never mentioned this fact to me. Could it be that he doesn't want me to go to these hundreds of yard sales? Nah. That would be impossible. I would be irrepairably damaged if I thought that Jerry did not support my quest for bargains and treasures. He and Dan are combining bee hives today, and he must have been just too busy. Anyone interested in property in the everglades? Off we go. The teenager is drumming her fingernails on the kitchen table. happy hunting.

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