Friday, May 1, 2009

Rainy & Dank In Caroga Lake

Rain / gif / regn Pictures, Images and Photos It's a slow day here in Caroga...Rained very hard last night and off again on again rain here today. Warmer then it looks, 60 at 8 :30 but it's what we call "DANK" out there. Seems the little we put in in the garden lived thru the lower temp's of the last few nights. The grass has started to fill in a little more and seems that blueberries that I planted last week are taking. We are expecting 4 yards of compost to be delivered this weekend by Dave, think I'll also order in some pain killers too. As you may know we are putting on a new roof and front porch, the porch we started last winter but stopped construction when the heavy snow came. Reports are that the are going to start up again this Monday or Tuesday. The new roof is going to be metal and green in color. Soon this camp is going to look like a Lincoln Log Cabin with the green roof and brown siding of some sort, not sure what type siding material yet. Til Next time gang........Jerry

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