Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Busy Work

Well Gang we are still here, "Nothing Much of Substance", has been going on here, not even for a chicken pecking on........... Photobucket ...a keyboard. The four yards of compost was delivered Saturday by dump truck , next to the garden fence. The Key work here is " Next" to the garden fence. I used a snow shovel over a few hours to move it into the garden and into a raised 4 x 10 ft above ground box that we will be using as an herb garden. This is very rich compost, just littered with worms, black gold. We have not planted anything further in the garden other then those we told you about last week. We are waiting until end of May to plant those more fragile plants, tomatoes, cukes , etc. Photobucket That being said we are just waiting around ( I like that chicken, so I stuck him / her in here) The metal roof , front porch roof guys have been delayed , our hope is that they arrive today. So nothing to report or pictures of the progress. Speaking of that , the Upstate proper way to say Roof here is more like, "Ruff". Just a little Upstate NY info. Photobucket And again. Til Next Time Gang.......Jerry (Don't Forget, Mothers Day is this Sunday) .

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