Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rain !

rain Pictures, Images and Photos Well gang Where we live it's been raining , minor amounts yesterday and heavy over night. They say it will continue thru a good part of the day today. So again we will be doing inside work. That's kinda good cause the inside work needs to be done and who wants to do it on a sunny day? Yesterday afternoon after picking up Ali from school we drove over to the new YMCA in Johnstown which we had joined. Jen and Ali did a work out on the machines , I headed to the pool and the hot tub. I did not need any work out after hanging trim here in the house, Up & Down to the basement making cuts. The hot tub is just over 100 degrees and good at easing that sore back, on the other hand I'm not good sitting for very long in one place, hot tub or not. The pool is about 82 but feels like 32 after getting out of the hot tub. I made it in after much hesitation, inch by inch. Well made it in and swam up and back a couple times.......now I'm back to,,, what to do , just like in the hot tub... No one to talk to besides the teen age pimply faced life guard and a mother in the pool with he toddler who I'm pretty sure is not wearing a diaper...so I'm keeping my distance. As Jen will tell ya.........I can talk to anyone, Jen often stops me from starting up conversations. The check out girl at the supermarket or some one just standing around is not safe from my inquires , just no real targets. Any how Jen ended up coming in and we did the hot tub thing together, then the pool. After a couple hours the three of us had enough and headed home , to find the Crock pot filling the kitchen with hunger making aroma's. Still being early when we arrived home we decided to put off the ready made dinner and caught up on a couple episodes of HBO'S series ,"IN TREATMENT". The rest of the of the night was slow, a couple Tylenols for Jen & I then off to bed to listen to rain pounding off of the bedroom metal roof. More inside work today, maybe off to the Amish to pick up our Hickory rockers and some fresh eggs. We will see. This weekend is reported to be the best so far this year, a lot of summer friends coming up for the first time since Labor Day Til Next time Gang........Jerry

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