Saturday, April 18, 2009

Yankees Game & Bike Riding

Yankees Gif Pictures, Images and Photos Well Gang I'm here with my coffee watching the Yankees 2ND home game on YES NETWORK, An Encore game. I wanted to catch the 1st game the other day but missed it as I was putting in the garden... It's bottom of the 8Th, 6- 5 Yankees, anyone want to bet? LOL Missed the 2ND game too cause we did some outside fun stuff , Bike riding yesterday. The bikes had been in the garage since last summer and of course they both needed AIR in the tires. I Loaded them into the pickup down to the gas station for air. Got that done and returned back up the mountain to the house. After un loading them I found the bike rack which was buried inside of the garage, hiding under some boxes and under some other boxes.... How does the stuff you are looking for always end at the bottom of the pile? Helmets......I know we have helmets here some place in the garage.....I know they are not under the pile that I just found the rack in soooooo that leaves only a few more spots in this FOUR CAR GARAGE. I gave up after 10 Min's more of searching and remembered that one of them is in the back of Jen's car cause Ali used it for horse back riding last summer-fall and now I recall that Jen only picked up one the day she bought the bikes.. After finding the bike rack it's time to install this octopus of straps onto the back of Jen's Jeep. I know that it was on her car last year when Jen and Ali bought them and brought them home from Walmart. I'm pretty sure that I was the one who took it off the Jeep at some point last summer and you would think that the straps are somewhat adjusted near where they need to be. You would think that I took a mental picture of how this contraption mounted to the rear hatch and that it would filter out of my Brain an into my hands as I struggled with this octopus. No such luck at first.......I did some spinning of it....Is this the top? Is this the Bottom? Round and round it went until like magic it seemed to fall into place. Well after lifting these up to the rack and after some minor brake and seat adjustments we are ready to set out for some fun! I got dressed in some old work clothes from the C.O.P.E Unit and we headed out Hmm Pictures, Images and Photos As Jen said earlier in her post.....We headed down to the cottage near the lake for some biking. After wrestling the bikes off this bike rack we realised that the rack was not really on how it should be so again we took it off and did some spinning and re-strapping and found what appeared to be "The Right Way!" Thanks Jen , We as a team got it! These are" mountain bikes seats", my butt is more like a "Recliner seat" and after the first landing as we jumped on the bikes heading down the road to the lake, Jen and I realized that that if we don't fall we are still going to come out of this adventure with something hurting....Our Butts. I notice Jen's a little Lighter on her feet and not really using the seat , you know she's a dancer and sort of floats while peddling. After not very far we end up on a more busy road and riding single file , Jen out front leading the way. My bike starts to act up, Brakes rubbing and stop. I give Jen a Little yell...HEY.....HEY, but she is making a "brake for it " and heading for town leaving this BoZo in the dust. I don't think she even knew I stopped and she disappeared off into the distance down the road. I started to work on the bike....had it upside down on the side of the road and working on that rear tire brake.. every once in a while I would look up and she her still riding down hill getting smaller and smaller. Out of the Blue I hear a "GUN SHOT!".....BANG!!!!!! Just one and it looks like they missed cause I'm not seeing any blood or having any pain. It was very close though.....very close. Is this it?......Over 27 years in law enforcement and I'm going to get whacked on the side of the road while retired. As I'm kinda looking around looking for a leak in my body....people are coming out of their cabins and looking at me cause they heard the shot too! I look down the road towards Jen and she heard it too and decides she coming back, that she heard. Well it's the rear bike tire that blew and no new ventilation inside of me. One of the guys coming out of his cabin laughing yells over to me......"A Walmart bike ?" ya need a new happened to me too. Jen got back up the hill to me and we headed back to the cottage after some discussion about the gun shot and a few minor chuckles. A short walk back ,then off to the bike shop and for $12.00 the tire fix, good as new. As Jen stated we did stop for lunch and a beer, No leaks coming out of my body. Later while out and about we landed at the Ice cream stand and it was great. Time to go, Yankees won while I was typing so if I owe money to anyone let me know!! I have not seen the 1st game....anyone want to bet? Til next Time Gang........Jerry


Anonymous said...

Jerry, maybe you need to put a bike ramp on your porch, this way Jen can stay healthy for awhile....she rides well, but walking...well that's another story !!

ps: Jen, how many times did you fall in the parking lot at work????

FarmerJen said...

Not enough times to make it worth my while! If I had used my head I could have owned the place!