Monday, March 9, 2009

Lost weekend?

Well Gang......., Time to blog again as it has been a few days since my last. Friday last I did my trip from the Adirondacks to Long Island so that Allison could visit with her dad for the weekend. Allison's every other weekend...Mostly It's very important that she spends time with him. Over 200 miles one way. This weekend I stayed on the Island and did not make the over 200 mile return trip on Friday night after dropping her off. I did not then return Sunday afternoon, the over 200 miles to pick her up and then I did not drive us home to the Adirondacks Mountains , another 200 miles . The over 800 plus miles in a weekend. I stayed on Long Island, "ONLY" about 400 plus miles this weekend! OK Gang lets hear it for Jerry...Clap...Clap!!!!! Photobucket OK..................., enough of that! I had some HONEY to deliver and took advantage of being on the Island. I stayed with my brother in law and sister in law , Joanne and Clint. Thanks Guys!!!!!! Saturday I also took care of getting the dreaded tax returns done by the accountant...Glad that's done...Always hangs over my head until it's done......Guess it's the not knowing if you are going to pay or get a little($$$$$) something back. Luckily our account has a sharp pencil and most times we do get a little....Never anywhere near the obscene amounts that are taken out. I had Lunch on Saturday with Brian & Ashly at "Louie's" outside patio for a few hours, Walter and Jackie could not make it...Sorry Guys you missed out on a great Lunch. I did get to visit with Walter on Sunday morning at his job and got to see Walters new 20 ft. center console boat...WHoo HOooo.. LQQKS great Walter, Enjoy! I stopped by my old work place , delivered some honey to Dom. It appears that all of the detectives are flourishing in the office due to ..."Way excellent" supervision and it appears no "dots" turned into "circles" At least none drawn on the chalk board. Keep up the good work and listen guys............Lets Stay Safe Out there! That hour move forward in time over the weekend really made time fly and before long it appeared that the weekend was over and it was time to pick up Allison and point the pickup north towards back home, The Adirondacks. Ali had a good time and visited with her friends in Glen Cove over the weekend... Ali's got the trip down, reads, listens to music or im's her friends for the 4 hour trip home, gets a little sleep in too. Jen, I knew was home waiting for us and keeping the home fires burning as she was watching our 3 dogs and dog watching Dan & Jenny's dog , Angel, that's four dogs she had for the weekend. Jen reports that the weather was nice in the Adirondacks and we had some snow melt causing some MUD. That's OK, spring can't be too far away and that 30 plus inches still on the ground will melt away soon! Jen worked hard over the weekend just taking care of the dogs , the walking two at a time and feeding and them barking at every little noise that this old house makes at night. Here's to Jen........Clap...Clap!! Photobucket So much for spring it snowed again today, a wet heavy snow , about an inch. Winter is fighting the change but I expect that soon it will have to release it's grip and spring will flourish. Until next time Gang.................Jerry

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