Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring Forward - Fall behind

It's officially mud season. We're contemplating how to get the dogs to wipe their feet at the door - some type of foot bath would work on the porch. They are just too filthy to be coming and going willy nilly without washing their feet. We have established the inside shoes/outside shoes program, and that is working well. Right now, if you don't own Wellies (wellington boots) you are looking around wondering where to get them because truthfully, nothing else works. I did buy Allison a pair last year, and although she was less than happy, she does wear them outside. It's like stepping off the porch into five inches of sludge. I was out walking the dogs this evening and stepped out of my boot, putting my stockinged foot down into a snow/mud pile. Yuk. I needed to come in and throw my sock and jeans directly into the laundry. Do not stop go, do not collect $200. This mud season thing takes all the glamour away from country living. The roads are dirty and the snow is taking on that blackened yuk look. I'm not a big fan of winter thaw, and that is what we have going on here. Add to that the daylight savings time insult this morning, and basically, I'm not in a good mood. Now that the big secret is out and we have established that the farmers have nothing to do with Daylight Savings Time (see July - thanks Noah!) it fails to enlighten me as to exactly why we are having this loss of one hour. And honestly, why not put it into effect on a Friday afternoon at 4:00 PM? That would make alot of people really happy, get the weekend off to a nice start instead of taking away that hour on Sunday morning when you are just getting into the sleep mode and starting to enjoy a real comfortable Sunday morning REM sleep and WHAM! the alarm goes off one hour earlier and your weekend r&R is essentially over. bummer. Now if you did it on a Friday afternoon, what harm would that cause really? How much is really being accomplished ANYWHERE on Friday between four and five? Let my people go! It would be a much better compromise and would serve all of us quite well. Now, I will be missing that lost hour until November when they return it back to us, usually around Halloween weekend. Thanks for that! Fire up the kids with sugar and then give us that extra hour to deal with them on a Sunday morning. Whoopie. Who is in charge of this program anyway? Something is not right with this. Can I complain to someone? This is just one more reason why I think the Amish have it right. They just are not participating. Simple as that. Sorry, not happening here. Today for them, it is still 7 PM. Of course, they won't be missing any Broadway shows (8 o'clock curtain) and their schools are all run by their elders, so they are all on the same page, time wise. Actually, everything wise. The whole concept of Amish is that they are all doing and thinking alike. Imagine the chaos that would ensue if we all decided to choose our own time? Actually, we are sort of operating that way with Time Warner cable. We can choose On Demand whenever we want a program to start. If we missed ten minutes, we can just re-start and it will take that command. So really, the only one negatively impacted at this point is Allison, cause that bus is coming at 6:40- their time.

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