Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Good Time Was Had by All, Wooo Hooo!!

Well Gang, without too much information or T.M.I as it's sometime known as I survived . They say when you turn 50 years old you need to have it done and I am 11 or 12 days away from being 53 years old.....waited long enough, so I got it done. Or as they say here "Getter Done"! For those of you who have not done it yet it is not as bad as your mind could lead you to believe. A few days prior to the procedure you meet with the Dr. in my case in "Her office". Photobucket The Dr. asks you a few questions about your History and I told her......,,,,,,Jen corrected me and advised me the Dr. was speaking about my" Medical History" which I knew, but it adds some levity to the visit. At that visit they give you a prescription for some pills and 255 grams of this white powder that you mix with water or some other drinking solution , in this case I used Gatorade. I felt good after that visit, the Dr. seemed to be very informed and assured me that she had done this procedure numerous times and that I had nothing to worry about as long as I followed the 4-5 pages of typed instructions (Front & Back), Starting on the day prior to the procedure. So I felt good, and Noticed that the Dr. , she, had small hands which made me feel good!!!! Cause that matters!!!!! The day prior to the procedure at a given time as per instructions you take these 4 pills and "WAIT"........ Well within the hour in my case the wait was over. Over the next two hours I did a lot of reading in the library. After two hours I had to start drinking 64 oz of Gatorade mixed with that proscribed white powder. Drink an 8 oz glass every 15 Min's.. The 1st couple glass are OK and with the Gatorade it did not taste bad. By the 6th glass you get pretty bloated. Oh I forgot to mention no eating the day before. For the rest of the day and night you get a lot of reading in. So jumping a head this is the worst of the "entire procedure"...just so you know! OK...jumping back, on the morning of the procedure no drinking, no coffee, no nothing. I had to be at the hospital at 8 am and not a tough day and not so hard to stay away from coffee, tea or what have you since it was so early. I had Jen with me to keep me calm... and for support. We checked in and both of us taken to a room for me to change into the backless gown. Some further tests, blood pressure, heart rate, insert an I.V. and lungs checked .....All good. They tell me that it wont be long and I'll be taken into another room for "The Procedure"! Now I'm gettin a little tense and the location that the procedure is going to happen is starting to feel like that" water tight" crab's A%&.. which I know is not going to help this up coming "Procedure"! Remember I have not realised that the worst part is over, the part yesterday, the 64 oz that had to be drunk and of course all that "reading" Well the nurse walks me down the hall , my backless gown, paper shoes, black socks and I.V. pole into the room for "The Procedure"! I'm expected to meet my lovely small handed Dr. for "The Procedure"! Photobucket I meet Nurse Bruno ! Large Nurse Bruno with the "Catchers Mits" for hands We talk, as he gets me up on the table.., reassuring me that it's all going to be OK! The other nurse is prepping and as of yet I have not seen the Dr.. Then the sleepy time drug is pushed into the I.V. and I awake in recovery. I feel good and guess what? The worst was the stuff that took place the day before! After a short time Jen was at my side holding my hand in recovery and telling me all was ok. So Gang......Get the test done if you have been waiting because of fear...was not bad really! From what I understand I will be receiving a Christmas card from Nurse Bruno this year!!! Who Loves ya Baby!!!! Til Next Time..........Jerry

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