Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend Update

Even I, who takes some perverse pleasure in seeing a teenager occasionally get taken down a notch or two, has to feel bad for Allison, who got on her bus this morning after spending her whole vacation week truly sick in bed. She was still coughing a bit last night, but somehow miraculously this morning, she feels totally better. That is rotten, no matter how you're scoring it. We did get a few fun things in during vacation, like a trip to the library, but that was it. She did not deserve this week of sneezing and fever. Sometimes, you pull that short straw. We'll have to make sure that spring vacation is more exciting, although from the looks of things here, it will be the same view out the window. I don't think this white stuff will ever melt. There's just too much of it. Even yesterday's prayer at church included a plea for more spring-like weather, "because we're just plain sick of it". It was pretty funny. I guess it is starting to wear on everyone. I had a little adventure on Saturday, and have learned once again the importance of cracking a window when starting the car to warm up. Jerry and Dan had gone to his bee seminar in Albany, and Allison and I were getting ready to head into town to the library. I had done the chores needed to make a clean getaway (walking the dogs, setting the pellet stove, making sure everything is turned off) and was feeling rather proud of myself. I had managed to shovel a bit more of the porch and the stairs, and ran out to get the car started with a few moments to spare. I turned the heat to the appropriate settings for maximum melt/heat, and came back in the house. "What a champ!" I thought. I am home alone and getting it done! Go girl! There is no stopping me now! And don't ya know, I had locked my keys in the car, with a full tank of gas, and running. Running! All I could think was "Damn! He hasn't been gone four hours and I am stranded and in crisis! Do I ever win? Will he never think I'm functional? It's very disappointing to me who prides herself on being self-sufficient and effective and I just never seem to get out of these things looking anything but stupid and clumsy. How does this happen? After a few minutes of beating myself up, I placed a call to Jerry just to see if we did in fact have a third set of keys to my car. As he did not answer his phone, I was forced to effect a solution myself. TRIPLE A! That's right! The best $75 ever spent! I WAS SAVED!!!!!!!!!! If you are not a member, let me tell you, they have come to my (our) rescue on more than one occasion. More than five occasions! Actually, at least once a year, which pays for itself immediately. Trust me, I know.
If I had not already called the big guy, I would have let it be a private blip in my screen, but he had already been alerted to my faux pas, so I had to come clean. But at least he didn't have to race back from Albany to turn off my frigging car. I called AAA and they promised to be here within a half hour. True to their word, the young man arrived, used his window picking tool and within one minute (ONE MINUTE!) the car was open and I was free to go. Off to the library we went. Not a major adventure, but one I will remember for awhile. Hopefully, I'll remember not to lock the car when the keys are in the ignition. I don't remember doing it, but apparently memory is becoming a bit of a problem. Maybe we should grow blueberries in our pasture. I hear they are helpful towards memory retention. Clearly, I need alot of blueberries. Sunday after church we headed to Dan and Jennies so the Bee Guys could bottle some of their liquid gold. Four cases later we're back in business. Not a bad days work. If you're looking for Adirondack Honey, we are trafficking once again. Some pics from our weekend. And how was yours?
Jerry and Dan -The Bee Guys
The Road to Town on Sunday Morning. That white stuff just keeps coming.
More Road. You have to admit, it is beautiful, even in its abundance.
Our Product. Adirondack Blend
How cool is that?


Anonymous said...

And all this time we thought it was
"The Job" that made you do those crazy things....haha

FarmerJen said...

Comment from Brian R: In the spirit of weekend update, Shortly after that picture was taken ( Dad and Dan in the kitchen holding the honey) Dan yelled cheers and they chugged the whole jar of honey, Jerry then tried to crush the jar on his head not realizing it was made out of glass, BIG MISTAKE.