Monday, February 9, 2009

Spring has sprung

It is only 22 degrees out, but there is definitely a change in the air. You can smell the trees and the snow is sliding off the roof at an alarming rate. All of a sudden, that which was frozen solid is now coming to life. It was a weekend of extremes - 5 below on saturday morning, up to 48 on Sunday afternoon. We had some rain yesterday and it washed away a bit of the snow. Not all of it - that will take some time - but enough of it to make a noticeable difference. It is an exciting prospect; spring. There are still some winter activities that I am trying to figure into our schedule, cross country skiing and a major snow-shoe hike, but we still have plenty of time. From what I hear, this winter thaw is very temporary. We even experienced snow showers yesterday afternoon, in the midst of the temperature hike. Crazy stuff. Jake and Bailey are getting into a nice routine, sticking together and working out the sleeping arrangements. Daphne is mellowing for sure. She no longer attacks anyone who attempts to climb on the bed. She will bark, but doesn't follow up the way she used to. More bark then bite if you know what I mean. We've been back and forth to the island quite a bit these past few weeks. It has been a lot of driving for Jerry. We're looking forward to a two week respite. Now that the holidays are over it's time to get back into some type of routine. I am looking at the seed catalogs and watching the garden shows with renewed interest. We will be here for spring this year, unlike last year when we arrived in summer. I plan to take advantage of our spring attendance by putting in a huge garden. The only decision now is what vegetables to plant. We are also looking into the blueberrys, as that is the essential ingredient in Jen and Jerry's breakfast pancakes. We will go through alot of those. They are also good for memory retention. That's what they say. I can't remember who said it, but that's what they say. We need alot of blueberries. So far that is my most favorite memory - picking blueberries in the morning and putting them immediately into the pancakes for breakfast - it is just the kind of thing that gets me through these cold and wintery days - thinking about summer pancakes.

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