Friday, February 6, 2009


Did he say love the one you're with? Hmph.
Feeling better. I know why the irish drink. It is to alleviate the pain caused by dancing around in ghillies and hard shoes to jigs, reels and hornpipes. I am in pain. Big time. Allison of course is just fine. I came in and turned on the tub last night so fast I was just a blur. I couldn't get into the steaming water fast enough. It saved me. I woke up this morning only slightly crippled. But it does feel good to move around. When we came home last night at 7 PM, Allison and I froze our butts off. It was 5 degrees with an unknown windchill, but windy it was! The 40 miles to Sharon Springs is a beautiful trip, but the wind across the farmland is quite brutal. It was a better class than last week, as we are both picking up the steps a little quicker. Some quicker than others. I'll leave you to figure it out. Clue: Allison was not diving into the bathtub the way I was. I went to a press conference this morning for the Glove Theater here in Gloversville. They are looking for some new ideas for fund raising and asking the community to help out, so I am getting involved in that cause. It brought out alot of fun and talented people whom I met for the first time. It looks like it might be a fun thing. I am also planning on ice fishing Saturday with the Bee Guys, as this is totally acceptable at 30 degrees. At that point, it's a heat wave! I know there are walleye and perch to be had, so we'll have to get some recipes for that (see how optimistic I am?) Daphne had a manicure this morning, and we are all starting to look forward to spring. There is a program that allows local kids to sell up to $500 worth of produce to the local grocery stores during the season. They must grow their own vegetables and the local stores will carry their produce. This is a great summer job for someone who wants to put in a couple of hours a day and not be tied down to a job. I'm talking to Allison about it because most stores are not interested in hiring a 14 year old, but working in the garden a bit each day would bring in some healthy $$ for her. So, negotiations begin. Today's road trip brings Jerry and Allison to the island. I will be holding down the fort here. Keep in touch!

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