Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Photobucket Well Gang it's Wednesday night here inside of the Adirondack Park and it's snowing, 4 inches on the ground and at last report they say we will get 6 inches by morning....I'm guessing more. As it has not snowed here for a couple weeks I took the plow off of the truck which takes only a couple min's to do help needed. Today after we received abou 2 - 3 inches I decided better put the plow back on, the reported "one min plow" , meaning that it only takes one min to put on....yea right! I was out there putting it onto the truck and had told Jen to come looking for me if I was not bak in 30 min's...well she was out after 30 min's and she helped for a good 15 min's helping... We got it on but it takes a lot of work. Be back later, Jen's legs hurt due to weather change, I'm off to rub her legs...WHoooo HOooo Til next time gang Jerry

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