Thursday, January 29, 2009

More Snow....

Well gang we had another Snow storm yesterday and some further minor amounts this morning, Guessing 10 or 11 inches all told. As you can see the front porch construction has come to a halt...Waiting for some warmer weather to lay in the roof rafters. Soon as they go in I wont have to shovel the snow off the front porch, all 40 ft by 10 ft. I drive the snow blower up on the deck now to handle glade when the roof goes on. I'm thinking we have in the neighbor hood of 4 ft on the ground so far. Those of you who have been here the well pipe by the horse shoe area is just barely sticking out of the snow. Bailey & Jake doing well but Bailey's back on a lead as he never wants to come in and wandering the property. Not such a bad thing but snow so deep and if I let him roam he could get lost and never be found if he slips down into the snow. So for now, He's on the lead. Jen and Ali out tonight for a Night of Irish Dancing in Sharon Springs . This weekend we are down on the Island ( Long Island , NY.) then into Manhattan for a Broadway Show. "Chicago!!!" After that out to Dinner with the kids. All 12 of us will be eating at LA MELA'S in Little Italy. Their motto: SIT DOWN * EAT * AND SHUT UP!!!!!! We have eaten there before, no ordering, the food just comes. Did it last year and everyone had a great time and full bellies. 5:30 Pm, 20 Degrees outside and over cast, crawl space 48.3 Til next Time gang...... Jerry

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