Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Missing the bullet

Remember just yesterday when I implied that things here were quiet and somewhat uneventful? The next time I say that would someone slap me? Please? No sooner did I sign off the blog when the phone rang. It was Dr. Rochet who is unknown to me. He was contacted by the laboratory that was running my bloodwork, which had been taken at my uneventful Doctor's appointment yesterday morning. Apparently, the potassium level was extremely high (6.8) and they wanted me to go to the nearest emergency room and get it tested again. Immediately. Do not stop, go immediately to the nearest emergency room and get tested. Now. Hurry. Panic. I did all three. As Jerry was at his Stained glass class I called him on his cell phone. I figured I would just let him know where I was going and have him meet me at the ER which is a half mile from where his class was. His phone was turned off. So I jumped in my car with my sweatpants tucked into my boots and a flannel shirt thrown over my PJ's. I drove down to the class and walked in. In my defense, I did hold it together until I got outside. When I walked in I just sidled up to Jerry and said "I have somewhat of a slight emergency, and thought I should stop here first" Of course he agreed (thanks big guy-did I ever tell you I love you?), packed up his tools and we jumped in my car (which was already warm) and took ourselves to the nearest hospital, Nathan Littaur in Gloversville. The Lab Doctor had called ahead and told them to expect me, and I was taken in ahead of those who were waiting in the waiting room. Normally, this would make you feel like a lottery winner. But when it comes to being the winner in the emergency room, that does not interest me. I would rather be the loser with a splinter then the winner with a life threatening potassium level. I always thought potassium levels just indicated whether or not you were eating enough bananas, or in this case, too many. Apparently not. All said, I was pretty freaked by now, but had the presence of mind to bring my knitting with me, because this is the one thing that keeps my mind and hands busy. A good call. I was able to add 3 inches to the beautiful sock that I am knitting, but more on that later. I was treated like the Queen at Balmoral and I was really not feeling good about this. When people in the hospital start working around you quickly and efficiently, it is an indication of more than good manners and superior work ethic. It means you are in trouble. Long story long, the bloodwork came back at 4.2 and everyone was happy. I was sent home with pats on the back and "good luck" and all that, and when I crawled into bed after what turned out to be quite an eventful evening, I remembered to thank God for allowing me to miss the bullet on this one. I was very, very relieved and quite tired. Stress requires alot of energy. Today I am filling up the day with activity and it will be a cold day in hell before you every hear me say things are "uneventful" ever again. And Joanne, I was going to call as soon as I had something concrete to report. I promise.

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