Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Introducing: BAILEY!
We were down to Long Island this weekend, and came home with Blue Line Farm's newest resident. Bailey is a pointer/hound dog mix, and weighs 75 lbs. I didn't think it was possible to find a dog with lower self-esteem than Jake, but we may have done just that. Bailey is shy and calm, and real sleeper. He enjoyed the four hour trip north by never getting out of his seat. He slept the whole way. Once we arrived the meetings began. Jake came outside, and the sniffing and circling resulted in acceptance on both sides. We came inside to meet Daphne who had much to say. Tails were wagging at all times and eventually everyone settled down to a chewie by the fireside. At bedtime, Bailey was bedside immediately and assumed that he would be sleeping on the bed. I guess that was his other life. I brought Daphne up to her usual spot and she set him straight, rather quickly. Here in Caroga, the big dogs sleep on the dog beds. So, after a few futile attempts at taking over our bed, he moved to the living room and spent the night on the couch in front of the fire. Not a bad gig. We'll keep you posted on the process of fitting in. It should be fun! I hope he likes the cold! He's originally from South Carolina and is bi-lingual! We are not, but Allison can be practicing her spanish with someone who understands. More pics to follow! (Daphne is conspicuously absent from the photos - it's only 7:44 AM and she has not faced the day yet.) Ciao!

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