Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Well gang as you have read we have a new member to our family," Bailey" He Came into our family from North Shore Animal League , Port Washington. We 1st stopped at the Town of North Hempstead Animal Shelter , also in Port Washington. As I recall we have gotten every dog at the shelter. We did our stroll at the shelter looking at the dogs on both sides of the shelter room, males on one side , females on the other side. Not many dogs there, which is a good thing. No soul found, that made the connection with us. Picking a dog can be tough and risky too, you never know what you are bringing home. Bringing a dog home to a home that has other dogs already there and a strong pack leader (Daphne) in place is VERY RISKY ! Bringing a dog home from a shelter over 200 miles is also risky. What do you do with a new dog that you know nothing about and get home at night to the Adirondacks and that dog does not "fit" into the pack? That very lovely shelter dog who had nothing but ,"Thanks, Take me Home, Get Me the Hell Out of Here! " LQQK in his or her eyes , you make that connection and bring that dog home and it does not fit. The apple cart at home is balanced and all working.......But not now. We left the TNH Animal Shelter without a dog. Six blocks down the road we are standing inside of the NSAL building which has many dogs and cats from all over the country. Jen & Ali, eyes all glazed over and in love with every dog they see,ready to take them home . We stroll and visit with a few adult dogs who might be the one that comes home with us, nothing makes the connection with me..... nothing is jumping out. We find no puppies which we don't really want because we don't have the energy for a puppy. We need a younger adult dog without too much baggage . Baily and another adult dog are in the same cage and holding each other in an embrace, Cards on the cage indicate that they have came into together and are Bilingual, Spanish and English. SOOOO that means they speak 3 languages, Spanish , English and Dog? We have Bailey out and visit with him in a large room, The other Bilingual dog is having a melt down back in the cage, the associates from NSAL bring the other dog out and it's in the same room with us and Bailey which is keeping the second dog calmer. Jen and Ali make the connection with Bailey, I'm worried! After some time Bailey seems to get the idea while in the room she figures out she needs to get close to me and does so. Looks like Bailey is coming home........and now what ? Remember there is a second dog having a mental break down because he or she is not any long embraced in Bailey's arms. We have two dogs home already, a third (Bailey) is already packing his bags....."I'm outta here!" is heard in Spanish, English and Dog. I'm hoping that we get out clean. The associates are trying very hard to get us to take both....The Full Court Press is on! We fend off the press and start the adoption paperwork which is a story in it's self, Your work place, what hours do you work, who's home, is the property fenced and so on. I guess it all very good and they should do the checks that they do... I'll leave it at that before I get myself in trouble. We are good enough and Bailey is coming home with us , we have to speak to the Vet. assistant and then we can leave. The Vet assistant comes out gives us 3 medications for Bailey, of which one is for Pink Eye , a cream has to be put in his eye 2 times a day.. , Well those who know me......the eye stuff is out and Jen will be handling that. Bailey is in his cage with the other dog while we do the paperwork and speak with the Vet. assistant. Now we make the walk back to get Bailey and a whole team are at the cage and I'm thinking a second Full Court Press is coming. We make it out clean and out to the parking lot, we are feeling sorry for the 2ND dog but 3 seem to be our limit and I have all the worries I spoke about earlier about bringing Baily home to our pack, 200 some miles north, to Daphne. Jake will be OK no matter what we bring home. Bailey slept all the way home and the rest you know from Jen's post. The next day all good but Jake seemed to get a touch of Pink Eye too and off to the Vet we went, a new Vet that we needed here since our move. He was very nice , Jake & Bailey both on the same med's and Daphne doing fine. Seems all working out and Bailey the lucky dog is living on a farm in the Adirondacks....Who's got it better? Til next time gang......Jerry

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