Thursday, January 8, 2009

another day in paradise

At some point you just have to suck it up and open the schools. The weather today is not much better than yesterday, but even the kids are ready. It will be a slow trip down the mountain to Johnstown, but school is open. Not even a two-hour delay. Things are getting desperate. We spent the day yesterday watching movies, knitting, eating junk food and getting on each other's nerves. Some of us. Allison and I are barely speaking, but that's OK. We commit less offenses that way. We have to take a ride into town ourselves this morning, to have something notarized, but other than that, I intend to keep knitting and finish this blasted sweater. It is going along beautifully, and I am ready to be done with it. I want to wear it. It is done on size 11 needles with bulk weight yarn, and it goes fast. If you put the time in. I have not put in any time due to my shoulder, so I am way behind in my projects. I am waiting for the head model so that I can work on Nicole's veil, and I have begun to spin alpaca fiber to make myself a shawl for the wedding in April. I am hoping that goes quickly as well. I have plenty to do, and I'm just happy as a clam that the weather is cooperating. At this rate, I may be done with the outstanding projects in a couple of weeks. Then what will we do? We've also pulled out some games and have a new favorite - Catch Phrase. It is an electronic game that combines Tabu and Hot Potato. It shows a phrase ("by the seat of your pants", etc.) and you must get your teammates to say that phrase with clues in a certain amount of time. All while the timer is ticking out loud. Once you get your teammates to say the phrase you pass the ball to an opposite team member (people sit 1 team A, then 1 Team B) who gets another phrase to get his team to say. Whomever is holding the ball when the buzzer goes, is the loser. The opposite team then gets the point. It is fast, funny and lots of laughs. I highly recommend it. Tabu is over for me, as I know most of the words and the clues that go with them. We've been playing way too long. We played Catch-Phrase last week with Dan, Jennie and their family from Colorado. It was a wild night. Those are the times that get you through the weather lock-downs that are occurring right now. You have to make sure you're busy. Thanks to my friend Lynda, I'm now falling in love with dogs in South Jersey. Although it is not do-able, I can dream. We also must begin planning for next year's Scrabble Tourmanent. It is held in Albany and it is an elimination tournament. Team members must have a theme (Elvis', farmers, flappers, etc.) I found out about this tournament by renting costumes out in October. We'll have to look into this. I see a costume opportunity. And a competitive opportunity. And so the scrabble training begins. That is today's project. Go team!

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