Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Keeping busy on the internet

It's a good thing I got out of the house yesterday, because today, we go NOWHERE. School is closed and the adirondacks are getting a mixture of freezing rain, sleet and more snow. I am here in the house grateful for our toasty warm pellet stove, and Jake's company. Jerry is out moving the snow, and we are inside here cheering him on. Today's frozen mixture actually broke the handle of the snow shovel, and Jerry has been in and out making that repair. Allison peeked her head out early just long enough to verify that school was closed, and went back to bed. I have been spending the morning on, and really feeling that desire to bring in another needy animal. But this desire begs the question is it the needy dog, or needy me? I get so much satisfaction out of knowing that a dog (or cat) can spend his last years being coddled and loved and taken care of. Who benefits more? I think I do. Dogs are more able to live in the moment. They forget and move on much more quickly than we do. Which is why they are so easy to get along with. Dogs don't have the issues that people have. At least that is what Caesar the Dog Whisperer says. And I believe him. I look at all the dogs and try and figure out who would benefit most from our situation here. A hunting dog? A herding dog? A lap dog? There are alot of qualifiers, and it will take time. Today, I have nothing but time. As the snow falls, I will continue to peruse the dog sights and see who is up for adoption. Not a bad way to spend the day. I am leaning towards a young dog. Not a puppy, but a younger dog who has already been housebroken and chewed his last shoe. But young enough to have a limited history. Low key, easygoing and not an alpha dog. Daphne would have to be fighting with an Alpha dog all the time, and who needs to hear that all day? Not us. We have developed a peaceful existence here between the dogs and the people. It is working. I try not to upset the applecart too much. Jerry e-mailed me a picture of a dog on craigs list from Albany, so I know that even if he won't admit it, he has his heart open to a new dog too. We just don't talk about it. When the perfect dog comes along, we'll know.

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