Saturday, December 20, 2008

Nurse Nicole

As Jerry said (man he gets up too early) we were downstate at Nicole's nursing school graduation. I was so impressed at her accomplishment, and I am impressed at nurses in general. The vocation itself is inspiring to me, and to see Nicole up there getting her pin after all that hard work, I am just blown away. Go Nicole!
Getting the Pin:
Finally done!:
I have found a new favorite place to eat - the Cheesecake Factory. Oy. Michael and Nicole hosted the whole family, and it was spectacular.
I'm still full. It was a super-special night. The trip home was earlier than we planned, as the weather forecast was for Armegeddon. We decided to get on the road early at 6:00 am, and that is what we did. First we woke the entire household getting ready, loading the car, locking ourselves out, waking Jesse and Jackie, slamming doors, wiring up Blue. All in all , we are the houseguests from hell. Thanks guys, you deserve a purple heart. The entire trip North was intersperced with weather reports predicting all kinds of horrendous weather. We got back to Johnstown by 10 something, and I was actually able to get to the grocery and the dollar store for paper goods long before the first flakes began to drop. I met up with Allison getting off her bus at 11:30, enjoying her early dismissal due to the weather. Just as we both were walking up the porch stairs (stairs! Can you believe it? STAIRS!) it began to snow. Timing is everything. Dan the bee guy and his gal Jennie held down the fort admirably, and with a little attitude from Daphne, we are back at being northerners. Jerry is out moving snow around again, as the youth group is arriving this afternoon (I hope!) We did get about 10-12 inches, as predicted, and it is still snowing. Total accumulation still to be determined. It promises to be a fun and busy day, and the feeling here is just good. We are both so proud of Nicole, and glad to have made the trip to see her big moment. It's all good. Don't you love when that happens? Proud Daddy:

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