Saturday, December 20, 2008

Did I Tell You That It Snows Here?

Well Readers It snow again Yesterday and last night as you may or may not know. Most of the readers on the east coast of the country know that. We received approx 10 inches of new snow. Jen and I Drove down to Long Island for Nicole's nursing graduation at Molly College. The ceremonies Took place on Thursday night, a class of 140. Nicole graduated with "Honors" WHooooo HOooooo!!!! I know that she is glad that that part is over and now looking forward to the next challenge. The family then had small celebration at a restaurant called, The Cheese Cake Factory, it was fabulous. Thanks Mike & Nicole. Jen and I spent the night on Long Island at Jackie's and Jessie's apt. , getting a very early start back home in an attempt to beat this storm as we headed north to the Adirondacks. We made it back without any snow flakes reaching the ground. It was and always great to come home. We saw everyone except Walter who could not make it, It as always is great to see the kids....we miss you! Today I will clean up the snow that I plowed last night and the new snow that came as we slept, and still falling now as I type. Later the Church Youth Group coming up to "Tree Hunt" for the churches live tree. I hope they are still coming, little tough walking out there where we keep the trees...LOL Jen baked a cake and we will have some pasta , garlic bread and warm drinks ready for the tree hunters and family. Hoping to take some photos. Another Snow Storm on it's way for Saturday night and Sunday Til next time....... Jerry Crawl space 46, outside 12 at 7:30 am

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