Monday, December 8, 2008

It's zero degrees outside, and we are toasty warm inside. Jerry is monitoring the system like NASA monitors the shuttle. All systems are go. Jake came in from his ramble outside and backed his butt right up to the pellet stove. I've never seen him do that before. Parked it right there. I always said he was a smart dog. It was a long and busy weekend. Painting, moving stuff, cooking for the men's breakfast and laundry. I participate as much as I can, and catch myself sometimes pushing the envelope a little. I am so anxious to get moving! PT is nice. The stretches they have me doing feel good. No painful, but healthy and beneficial. What a change. I learned this weekend that if you lurk near the basement stairs after the men's breakfast, you will receive an invitation to come and "help yourself". All us women were lurking, and it paid off beautifully. We arrived in just enough time to polish off of the breakfast casseroles, while the men cleaned up. Who is smarter than we are? The men were sufficiently impressed by Jerry's recipes and kitchen accumen. He is happiest when he is cooking, and happiest when people are eating his creations. I am just happy. Obviously. Here's some pictures of our our trip to church. Well worth it yesterday. The scenery was beautiful, and the breakfast was hot!
I'm going to try driving myself to PT today. It should be interesting as the roads are quite covered. If the bus can make it, so can I! Today I am grateful for four-wheel-drive. I'm not one of those who thinks four wheel drive gives you more speed. I get the concept that I don't have four wheel brakes. So, it should all work out fine.

I'll keep you posted! Stay warm! It's cold out there.

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