Monday, December 8, 2008

All Systems .....A go!!!!!

As Jen wrote,"It's zero degrees outside, and we are toasty warm inside. Jerry is monitoring the system like NASA monitors the shuttle. All systems are go." This morning was the coldest so far for us.......Frigin, O Degrees.......Burrr that's cold....Wind chill like 14 below. At about 4 am I heard the snow plow rumble by and the at the end of the road turn around as we are one house away from the town line... It rumbled by again heading in the other direction. Knowing that we are expecting colder temps this morning I threw back the warm covers and started the "systems check".. Outside temperature...O, Check, Crawlspace temperature 46.6 ( not bad) , check. Pellet stove working, check. Main heating system working, check. Water tested and running in the bathrooms, check. Hot water on and flowing , check! We are ready!! Below is a photo of my systems check panel. Jerry Space Shuttle Atlantis Control Panel Pictures, Images and Photos

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