Thursday, December 4, 2008

I'm baaaack!

Hi there. I've been silent for a few days, although only on the blog. Thank you for all your cards and calls. You make me feel like dancing! Jerry has been the beneficiary of my post-surgery personality, and I'm sure he is just so grateful. If you have ever experienced helplessness and dependancy, I can tell you it is only a special person who can handle that gracefully. I am not that special. I get frustrated, ornery and weepy. Part of the frustration is that Jerry is just so loving and tireless that I just want to smack him, because I know in my heart that if the roles were reversed, I could not be so gracious. I would be more like nurse Ratchett. I have no patience, no matter what side of the gurney I'm on. Medical issues cause me fear, and my response is to flee, not help. Having faced this character flaw head-on does not make me any more tolerable as a patient. In fact, I become more grouchy and pissed off at the circumstances. A lovely cabin mate for the winter don't you agree? And then to top it off, they send you home with pain medication in a child proof bottle. I'm sure some pharmacist is getting a huge chuckle out of this predicament, but I do not see the humor. I woke up this morning at 4:00 AM with the intent of medicating myself, and with good reason. I was in pain. Not excruciating pain, but the dull throbbing pain that is just enough to keep you from sleeping soundly. It was not bad enough that I would have awakened Jerry to help me, I'm not that rotten. But I was furious enough to toss (throw?, pitch?, whatever) the bottle against the kitchen wall in the hopes that it would open itself. You see, "push down and turn" doesn't work when one arm is essentially wasted and useless. The real kicker is that I woke no one in this fit of frustration. Not Jerry, Jake, or Daphne. Allison I knew would not wake up. That teenage sleeping gene is too fine-tuned. I finally was able to turn the bottle upside down, push down against the floor, and hold the top stationery between my feet while I opened the bottle. I then grabbed both pieces in my one hand and flipped it over so that now I could get the two pills out for the pain. Needless to say, I was slightly frustrated, but glad that I worked it out. It doesn't take alot these days for me to develop a serious sense of accomplishment. I'm becoming quite a low-achiever. We're off now for day two of physical therapy, so I am back in gym mode. I'm not in the pool yet, because the wound is still healing, but I am looking forward to that like you can't believe. Now if they could just install a tiki bar on the side, it would be so perfect. Can't have everything I guess. I was able to get dressed today all by myself (go Jen!) and tied my own shoes. Now if we could just work on my personality, I'd be a new woman.

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