Wednesday, October 22, 2008


It is Tuesday, and I am still trying to recoup from my weekend as a driver in the Long Island 500. My arm is hanging off my body like a tail on a pony. I overdid it to say the least. It was all worth it, but my body is revolting as only my body can do. Ouch, ouch, ouch! I actually cancelled physical therapy on Monday, because the thought of actually working out was more than I could bear. I crawled under the covers after working for four hours, and crashed. It seems to be the only solution sometimes. I am better for it. The weekend included driving down to long island on Friday night - 4 hours Driving to Rhinebeck and back for the New York Sheep and Wool Festival - 5.5 hours total Driving back upstate Sunday evening to return home (and making a 40 mile mistake - duh) - 5.5 hours I had a ball at Rhinebeck-sharing the day with friends Jane and Doris. We were a good group - everyone open to new experiences and Indian food. We enjoyed a film presentation at the Wild Fibers Magazine tent after the wool festival and were fed some exotic and SPICY food. It was fun, and I won the table prize to boot! How sweet is that? I actually used the Secret philosophy and said to myself as they were pulling the winning numbers "the prize will come to me" and it did! It was a bag of fiber wash, which can be quite expensive and is useful only for a fiber artist, so, I was happy. I bought some alpaca roving for spinning and came home inspired for another year! I love this festival. If you've never gone, it is a real beautiful time and the leaves were at PEAK in Rhinebeck. Beautiful. The trip back and forth to Long Island is getting easier each time, so easy in fact that I zoned out and continued on towards route 17 when I should have gotten off at the thruway off of route 84. After 20 miles realizing I was headed in the wrong direction (I was not so quick on that one) I turned around and got back on track. No worse for the wear. I stopped at the thruway rest stop in Plattekill and changed into pajama type clothes so I would be more comfortable and refreshed to drive the next 2.5 hours. It was a smart move. I made it home without further incident. Never a dull moment. Allison is a good travel companion and we enjoyed ourselves with some interesting conversation. It's the week before Halloween - work is hell. We may get snow tonight. We had flurries last night. How's your weather?

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