Monday, October 27, 2008


The yellow banana costume has surfaced. It was found during business hours on Saturday, tucked underneath one of the racks at the opposite end of the store. There are two theories here. One, that the banana never left the store, but was tucked away in hopes of coming back to either rent it or make the second half of the theft easier. Two, that the costume left the store and was brought back and tossed under the rack after the perp realized that a life-size yellow banana was not anonymous, on any level. It's all circumstantial, but I love happy endings anyway. The fruit of the loom group is back together again!
We're expecting snow this week - they say 2-4 inches in the mountains - that's us! We'll see. I can't wait. Now that the leaves are all gone, I'm happy to move on to the next season. We have a busy week ahead of us and nights at home with the pellet stove fired up and a good movie are exactly what I have in mind. I work all week at the costume shop, and Jerry is on the "find the costumes" quest. We packed them and moved them, but they have not turned up yet. We have five days. It galls me to have to rent one, as I've never done that before. It goes against the very grain of all my rules - costumes should be hand made. Allison Wonderland is looking for an Alice IN wonderland costume, and I fear I will be sewing on Thursday night. I am hoping to find SOMETHING before that. I dont' have to make it, but putting it together is part of the fun. Finding this and that is part of the Halloween Quest. Our first horror movie this week was Psycho - the original. I had never seen it in it's entirety. I had always avoided the shower scene, and managed to just see bits and pieces over the years. this time I watched it all, start to finish. It was good. I am not a big fan of the genre, but Alfred Hitchcock deserves our attention. I recommend it highly. We watched Saturday night after a full-day of sightseeing in Old Forge. If you check out Old Forge on the map, you will see that we were closer to Canada than we've been so far. Alot of Canadians were there. We went to the world's greatest General Store and I have to say, it was. They had EVERYTHING! all of it good. I love the old general stores where you can buy everything from clothes to books to actual tools and hardware. It was a great trip on a rainy day, and we all had fun. Allison is seeing the world with her new contacts on, and we are adjusting to seeing her without her glasses. It takes some getting used to. She is beautiful always. I am rambling today, because it is the last day this week that I will be able to ramble. I do enjoy my free time, but I am glad that I have the responsibility of a job. I need the structure of a job to keep me motivated. I always worked better under pressure, and getting to work on time and ready is enough pressure for me right now. Today's only appointment is the orthopedist, who I am very anxious to see. We need to do something about this arm, and I'm anxious for his opinion., I have my own opinion, and hopefully we'll agree. Back to you later. Enjoy the day, it's a beauty!

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