Saturday, October 25, 2008

APB-Yellow Banana

Stolen from the Costume Shop - Banana Costume - yellow and slightly bruised. May be seen hanging around the Fruit of the Loom characters. Sightings expected on 10/31/08.
How did they expect to get away with it? A large yellow banana. Not something that will be inconspicuous around town. It disappeared from the costume shop on Thursday of this week. We discovered it missing on Friday, and the speculation began. How do you walk out of a store with a life-size banana costume? Stuck in your bag? I don't know. Thankfully I wasn't working on Thursday, or I would have felt responsible. We're now discussing the necessity of hiring security for the week of halloween, as things in the shop are getting quite busy. And if a life-size banana can waltz out the door, there is no telling how many bags of snot or spirit gum could be tucked away in a pocket or shoulder bag. The possibilities are frightening. This is a rough job.
We had company yesterday, and it was great. Lynda and Jeff from Long Island dropped by (literally, they were in Albany) and got to see the "estate". We had some laughs and a quick tour of the area. Harley their dog was introduced to Jake and Daphne, who were both incredibly rude. Daphne had alot to say, and Jake clearly recognized a bigger wimp than him. He proceeded to hump Harley every chance he got. It was absolutely pathetic. Jake is so rarely allowed to dominate anyone that he just went to town with it. Ineffectual and misguided, he gave it his best shot. Over and over. Poor Jake. Poor Harley. We thoroughly enjoyed their visit and hope they will come back soon. We love company and want you all to know that our door is open all the time. It's great to see our friends and family at this end of the road. Thanks guys! It was great to see you. As always!
Today is rainy, damp and dreary. I try and articulate to myself a gratitude attitude each day, and today I can share - I am so grateful that I don't have to work. Although I enjoy my job, there are some days where the shoulder is just miserable and I could pass on trekking into town to work in the store. Sometimes laying around and readin a good book is the obvious choice. I thought all week that I was supposed to work this Saturday, but found out yesterday that I was wrong. YIPPEEEEEEEEE! I am off today! We have to go pick out a bathroom floor for Allison, and I have been wanting to check out the humane society since we got here, so maybe today is a good day for that. We are just looking though. I think we have a nice balance here for the moment. The humans outnumber the dogs. It's always a good percentage to keep. I hope I can remember that when we're walking through death -row. Enjoy your day, and keep your eyes out for a tall yellow banana. You never know where it might turn up.

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Mother of the Year! said...

Thanks so much Jen and Jerry for having us over, including Harley. He is getting over being violated by Jake on numerous occasions but I think he will survive. LOVED the house, property, etc. We hope we can visit again one day soon, it was great to see you guys!