Saturday, October 4, 2008

catching up

I've been doing alot of catching up in the past few days. Now that I am working, I do find myself with less free time, and thus I am constantly playing catch up. There are two schools of thought on this. One, that I am healthily busy and need to move myself a little faster in order to accomplish great things. Or, two, that I am too busy to get things done and therefore getting backed up and unorganized. The jury is out still. We'll see. We are alone here this weekend, and the weather promises to be glorious. So, our choice is to go apple picking tomorrow and then drive to the cider mill to have the apples processed. As we all love cider we are thinking this is the way to go. We are on the off week of the contractors, which means they are catching up at the jobs they put off in order to complete our bathroom, which is incomplete. There are still some little leftover jobs to be done, and we are waiting. But as I said, they are catching up elsewhere. Allison is at swim practice, I am working today, and Jerry is installing the kitchen countertop. Once that is done, I will have pictures to post, and you will be totally amazed at our finished (mostly) kitchen. We are amazed as well. With all the planning and different areas of expertise being drawn upon, I am just thrilled that it all came together. We love it. it is finished just in time for wood stove burning time. At 45 degrees, it is not terribly cold, although there is a chill in the air. I'm waiting for the snow, which they say may begin flurrying next week. NEXT WEEK!!!!!! Yesterday we had hail. It was pea size and lasted about five minutes. The weather here is a constant topic of conversation, even among the young people. I dropped something off at Allison's school yesterday, and the first thing she said when she saw me was "did you see the hail?" As I said, we are all just in weather overdrive. The swim team is doing well, and Allison shaved a second off her breast stroke time last night. She was happy about that because it took alot of practice. In the pool, a second makes or breaks you. Just ask Michael Phelps. In my pool, I'm not shaving off seconds, I'm shaving off stiffness. I too had a breakthrough at physical therapy, and am thrilled to report that my range of motion went from 35 degrees to 75 degrees. overnight. I kid you not. I have been working real hard, and although it has felt better, the range has not changed much. Then all of a sudden, I had this breakthrough from Thursday to Friday. It is a real kick. I am hoping to be back to tap dancing soon,and then we'll see what Friday nights bring. I do miss the dancing. I have alot of catching up to do there too. It occurred to me this morning that if I slow down enough, I will eventually be first ahead of those who are coming up behind me on their second lap. Brilliant don't you think?

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