Wednesday, October 1, 2008


It is a completely dreary day today, but the temperature is still hovering around 60 degrees. We drove through part of Massachusetts yesterday, and they are way ahead of us in the golden leaf process. I was thinking we were at peak here in Caroga, but that is actually only out my back window. I was surprised to see that the leaf changes are only at about 30-40 percent down the mountain. But in Massachusetts -- WOW! IT WAS GORGEOUS. It was so spellbinding that I didn't even think to use the camera - I was too busy ogling.
We had the opportunity to get back to Connecticut yesterday to handle some family business, and I spent some time at the Campground where my Mom and Dad had a trailer for so many years. It was a place of happy memories, and our kids all had great times there. Mom and Dad were so much fun and it is important for us to be reminded of those good times. It was a beautiful campground then with all kinds of activities, and good friends were made there year to year. We miss them both, and miss the happy memories we had as a family. Yesterday marked the end of an era, and it was a tough day. How blessed we were to have that wonderful place for so many years. Each tree, road and walkway through the campground held a memory for me. Bingo, bike rides, the playground, the boulders and the camp store. I wonder if my children have such vivid memories as I do, or are their memories triggered by other things? I can remember pushing strollers along the dirt roads and paths, loaded down with towels and pool toys. Just hearing car tires along the pebbled driveway to the store was such a flashback. I am so grateful to have had those times, at that place, and with my folks. I will never sit around a campfire that I don't mentally thank them for the outdoor experiences they gave me growing up, and those same experiences they shared with my own children. It is a legacy that has taught us all to keep sharing campfires and good times. A toast to Mom and Dad - Thank you.

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