Friday, September 12, 2008

Lawn Ornaments

Our days are developing a rhythm about them that is purposeful and relaxing. Of course, there are days when the rhythm is totally out of sync, but mostly we meet the challenge with lots of energy and a plan for accomlishment. Today, we are heading back to Amsterdam to pick up the appliances for the second floor bathroom; the first floor bathroom being very close to finished. It is totally exciting to be at the point where we can fill the tub and relax in a clean and beautiful finished and renovated room. Allison has booked the tub for tonight, immediately following swim practice. We are a family of tub lovers. Actually, Jerry says he prefers showers - I think it's a Venus/Mars thing. Appliances are cause for debate here in the North Country, which is a small clue as to the level of activity, or lack of.
As these projects get done, the old boxes and appliances have been stacked in a section of the yard, at the ready for disposal when the entire renovation is done. It doesn't pay to make trips to the garbage dump one appliance at a time. We have been very focused and excited about exchanging the old appliances for the new, and where we stacked them was not a huge issue in our minds. Allison pointed out yesterday that the old toilet is front and center in this pile of construction material, and if we wouldn't mind moving it so the entire bus does not have a view of our bathroom appliances (specifically,the toilet), she would really appreciate it. Good God, it never even occurred to me that the appliances were on the front lawn. I guess this means we have really arrived. I'm horrified that a toilet on the front lawn never jumped out at me as something that would be cause for offense, or even noticeable. How far I've come. eek!
It's actually kind of funny, if I didn't feel so bad for the poor kid. Imagine coming to a new school and trying to make a real good first impression, and having the bus pull up to your house where boxes, lumber, old vanities, tubs and TOILETS are sitting on your front lawn. Even I can appreciate the humiliation that could cause. The thing that really broke my heart was that she was apologetic about the request - as though we had done this consciously and she was trying not to judge us. Although I tell the kids anytime I've humiliated them that my day is complete, that's not really the truth. I say that to let them know that sometimes their perception of humiliation is nothing more than self conscious embarrassment and that no one else is even paying attention. But a toilet on the front lawn absolutely qualifies as an embarassing vignette. Sorry 'bout that Allison. I promise to get it moved ASAP. Just as soon as I finish my beer.
Somehow, I don't think it would have had the same effect on Walter.
This comparison is compliments of my niece Emily. She has a keen eye don't you think?

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