Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Physical Therapy

The biggest fear of Physical Therapy was that it was going to hurt. I am a firm believer in eliminating pain as fast as possible. So, signing up for PT was scary for me. I finally got there yesterday, and boy was I surprised. Not only did it not hurt, but it felt good! There is something about PT that seems absolutely selfish, like you are lounging in the pool and taking advantage of the system. Actually, the pool was work, although not painful and not something I won't look forward to tomorrow. I'm on board for three times a week, and I am actually looking forward to it. It was definitely beneficial to my shoulder, and I think the long term program will assist with getting back to 100% functionality. It needs to. This is a huge problem, not having my left arm for any physical activity. And when the animals arrive? Forget it? There are too many things on the farm that will need both hands, and both arms. I'm determined to get myself back to 100% just as soon as possible. That's today's plan. I am heading out for a call-back today, looking into a job as "Costumer" at a local costume shop. How fun is that? I definitely want to be around people who are having fun, and coming to the costume shop means you are looking for a dose of fantasy - what better place to work? Anyone searching for a costume is not on their way to a funeral, that's for sure. So, that is where I am going today - wish me luck! It's the 24 hr. Countdown to Allison's first swim meet - 50 yd backstroke - Go FOJO!

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