Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

Today is labor day. So we chose to labor by kayaking on East Caroga lake with our friends Dan and Jennie. As my shoulder is still in recovery, I will be cheering from the shore. Allison will take the kayak and enjoy the water with Jerry. It seems as if Dave and Cathy have kayaks too, and hopefully will join us. It should be a great day. The weather is crisp and sunny and we are all looking forward to getting out on the lake. I'm wondering if you can be towed by a kayak in a rowboat. Quite possibly I may end up out on the lake too. It would be worth it to them all to get me out there, as I will be in charge of the cooler and the foods. This could be good. Or not. The Association docks were pulled in yesterday. Jerry showed up to do his share and met many of the Association members. It was a good day and with approximately 30 hands, the job was made easier. 30 hands or sixty hands? About 30 people is what I mean. We got to clean out the cottage a little bit in the morning, and then in the afternoon Allison and I continued the Back To School shopping-Day 2. We discovered Crossgate Mall in Albany, and had a wonderful day. I was treated to shopping with a lovely and reasonable 13 year old. The whole experience was bonding and actually fun. We did observe some really rotten behavior, but it was other shoppers, not us. I'm glad about that. It was all in all, a very pleasant experience. We also discovered Burlington Coat Factory. Have you ever been? Ya gotta go. It's so much fun to shop in a store where the prices are manageable. You pick out a coat that you like, and wow! You can afford it! Way fun! Now we don't have to go back for a good long while. We have winter clothes and boots, and we're ready! As much as it was fun, I'm much happier when I'm not at the mall. Allison could have moved in, which I guess is normal. But we had yet another compromise and came home. Not a bad day after all. And now, we labor on the lake. Have a fun day. School starts Wednesday! The countdown begins!

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