Thursday, August 7, 2008

We have to go into town today, which will require cleaning up my act. It will take some time. We have become used to living rural, which means comfortable work clothes and more importantly, no makeup. More and more I resent having to put makeup on. It doesn't happen often. Usually if I am running into town, I don't bother. It has become a silly and unnecessary activity. Not alot of women are running around made up here. It's just not common sense. However, when you have an appointment in town, you will find that there are professionals who are going to work in proper business attire and make up. That's when I realize how changed my life has become. I look at these women and feel no sense of nostalgia for the professional life. None. I wonder what they are thinking when they look at us - "poor bastards, can't even clean up their act to come into town". If only they knew how much fun we're having. I have a different set of eyes when I look around me. I used to see a shack on the side of the road, now I realize that the owner of that shack may also own the 200 acres that the shack sits on. It is just a different view of the same picture. My eyes are taking in more than the obvious. Here in upstate New York, all is not what you see from the curb. Which is a good thing. Our curb appeal is way down at the moment. There is more value in the cord of wood that may sit in your driveway. That has incredible value. Jerry doesn't want to talk about it, but the leaves here are getting ready to start turning. You can see a few orange in the green landscape. It is just a reminder of what is to come. A clock ticking on the nice weather. But no matter what the season, I don't think I'm going to feel the need for make up on a regular basis. I hope not. It is very freeing. Although there may be another opinion on this (ya think?) I am feeling particularly uninterested in changing into "town mode". I prefer jeans and a t-shirt whenever I can. Flip flops are like a uniform, until the weather changes, then we switch to workboots. You can't chop wood in flip flops. It's just not a wise choice. There are so many differences that we are beginning to notice. Allison has recently acquired her first pair of cowboy boots. They are for riding, but she likes them. Who would believe it? Not something I ever thought I'd see. But, she is changing too. It's not about form, it's more about function. I like that. We start back to school shopping in a few weeks. We'll see how that translates. I can only hope.

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