Tuesday, August 5, 2008


We had a plan. We were all up and at 'em at 7:00 AM, moving at a nice clip and planning on hitting the road by 8:00 AM. It takes 45 minutes to get to Saratoga, and we were on a mission. We had a few stops to make and got on the road at 9:00. Not bad considering the logistics. We made the trip and arrived in Saratoga around 10. It looked so uncrowded, but we have been fooled by no crowds before. As we got closer to the parking area we were in awe of the beautiful homes in and around the town. Spectacular victorians in mint condition. Lots of beautiful flowers and landscaping. The whole city of Saratoga is happy to have horse lovers there. The parks and amenities are amazing. Anyway, as we pull up to the parking area (empty by the way) we pulled over and asked the Security guard where to park. For what? he asked us. Horse racing we said. Not today he said. When? we said. Every day. . . but Tuesdays. Oh. who knew? After all the preparation, getting up early, coordinating the bathroom schedule and getting breakfast for everyone, we blew it. However,the day was not lost. We went to Congress Park which was having a craft fair. It was lovely. The gardens and grounds were spectacular. A perfect day for park walking. We passed through town as pedestrians and enjoyed Saratoga from one end to the other. Lunch at the Circus cafe was a hit, and fully satisfied that we had fulfilled our Saratoga fix, even if we didn't see the races. So we headed home. In Amsterdam there are go carts. This became the activity of the day, and it was a hit. Allison, who gets her real license in two years, was speeding along and loving it. I see a real speed racer in the making - not good. She was handling the car well though. Brian and Walter were neck and neck throughout. Friendly competition gone awry. And Dana was right in there, switching cars for speed and keeping the guys on their toes. We had fun too, although one ride was enough for Jerry and I. All in all it was a great day. We met a security guard who has dreams of being a horse owner (too much information, but they always seem to find Jerry)and really really hates his job. Eight years he's been doing it, and he hates it. There may be a security position opening at Saratoga, I'll have to keep an eye on that. On the way home, we accidently hit a bird. Actually, he accidentally hit us. Walter and I saw it coming, and responded by jumping out of our seats and screaming. One of those moments that will be laughed at for years. He never saw us coming. Feathers and windshield shmutz, but Jerry never missed a beat. What a day. So, for future reference, Saratoga is dark on Tuesdays; The Circus cafe is delicious, and if you think you might want to be a Security Guard I am quite sure a position is open. Go for it.

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