Sunday, August 10, 2008


Unlike the Amish,we worked on Sunday. It was out of necessity, as we are heading to Long Island for a few days to handle some business. The pasture is ready for seed, and we needed to get the seed down. In the morning, it poured. It didn't look as though we'd get anything done but a few more rows on the sweater. I have inserted here a picture of our two canine companions. We lost electric around 11 am and I have to say that I am amazed how quickly arch enemies can forgive when thunder and lightening are happening all around us. Behold: As you can see, Daphne is UNDER my chair, and Jake is just imploding. He does that when he's under stress. Just goes into himself. It's quite remarkable really. I wish I could do that on occasion. - I'll have to try it sometime. He was actually sitting ON my feet before I got up. I had to peel him off.I can't blame them though. Thunder here is different than on Long Island. Most storms seem to begin from below us. You can feel them through the ground long before they reach us. They say that animals are more tuned to barometric pressure, and I can believe it. Even before I hear the thunder, the dogs are following everywhere. Once it starts being heard, they are practically under my skin. I would be alot more fearful, but they are such good company, I always feel as if I have to be the fearless leader. This is what panic looks like: Anyway, after the storm hit, and the electric went out, we decided to head into Tractor Supply as I had done all the research on pasture seed that I could. In this internet age, plus picking the brains of a few friends (thanks Richard!) we were able to establish what type of seed we needed, and how much. Off we went to Tractor Supply, and woo hoooo, they had what we needed at 15% off. It pays to seed late in the year. You get discounts for being behind. I love that. We got enough to seed 1+ acre, and came home. As we were heading up the mountain, the sun came out and gave us the go-ahead to seed the pasture. Now. Before it rains again. So, we did. Jerry says that the power from electrical storms induces germination in seeds. So although we could hear distant thunder and saw rain clouds, we seeded away. I guess that is why he had me standing in the middle of a field, under a tree, holding the metal rake. I guess. So the pasture is seeded and we are free to roam for a day or so. Nothing left now but to sit and watch the grass grow. Literally. How cool is that? I have lots of knitting and a few books to catch up on. We can run away to LI and know that the fields are growing every minute. Next year at this time we'll be tending animals, hopefully, so for right now watching the grass grow is fine. We'll be looking back on these days fondly, I'm sure. In the meantime, pray for rain. Thanks!

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