Friday, August 1, 2008

I noticed yesterday when I went into town that cords of wood are being delivered all over the place. If not cords, then stacks and stacks of unsplit trees, all lined up and neatly placed. What's going on here? It's August 1st. I fear that fall is close behind, and this just confirms my suspicions. I do know that the Tuesday after Labor Day, it seems as if summer comes to an abrupt halt. We have been here before, trying to make the long weekend last an extra day, and it always seems that summer is already over when we are packing up. I know the back to school ads start stepping up in August. If you tried to get a bathing suit right now, you'd be stuck with a limited selection. But summer is only halfway done. We have only just begun to enjoy our campfires and slow down a little bit to bask in the sun. Over? I'm not ready yet. Usually by this time I start to look forward to fall, to the change of seasons and the change of wardrobe - It is always about the clothes. Now that I am knitting, I am especially anxious to have summer linger for a little while longer, because I am so far behind. Spinning and knitting takes time. I'm not ready yet for sweater weather, as the sweaters are not done. I'm still working on the glovelets, and hope to knit a kimono sweater before the weather breaks. Corey's wedding shawl is done, and the yarn was beautiful. I love being surrounded by all of this fiber, but I would love it more if I could finish the projects before fall. Before the cold weather. Allison is waiting for school to start, and looks forward to getting her social life back up to speed. It's been a quiet summer for her. But there are still books to be read. And school means homework. No one rushing there. The farmstands are all offering up more and more vegetables, so the harvest is moving forward as well. It's happening all around me, but today I chose to ignore it and embrace summer. Even as I look up and see that some of the trees are beginning to turn.

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