Monday, August 4, 2008


Update: Our bathroom appliances have arrived. We received a call from Colonial Plumbing in Albany, and they instructed us to call on Monday (next week) to confirm delivery. We are to speak to a guy named..... you guessed it, Dan. Dan the plumber will be letting us know what time the delivery will arrive. I love this place. We are back from a magical weekend in Vermont. My cousin Corey and her sweetheart Liam are married, and life is good. We spent time with family, friends and good music. Liam and the Kilts will be climbing the charts with their rendition of Wipeout, and a good time was had by all. There is nothing like a wedding to restore your faith and positive outlook for the future, and this wedding was extraordinary. The hospitality we enjoyed and the incredible planning and attention to detail was evident in every moment. We were awed by the love that surrounds this couple and their families, and inspired by the families as they embraced each other and their children. It was a beautiful and peaceful moment in time, and we are so blessed to have been included. Thank you Anne and Danny. You are amazing. I can tell you that the effing second bus was the place to be. We had the bagpipes on board, which made for a rollicking and hysterical trip back to the hotel. As always, the family together is one huge laugh a minute, and we enjoyed it thoroughly. Now we're home and happy to see a houseful of family at this end too. Walter and Dana and Brian are here, and it feels great to have them here. We've enjoyed our first campfire together, and today we're off for some adventure. Saratoga is calling, and we may answer. I've never been so busy as I have been since "retirement". It is proving to be quite an adventure, and we're loving it! Gotta run - pictures will follow!

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