Friday, July 11, 2008


Yesterday we drove to Colonie which is right outside Albany. They have LOTS of stores there. We were in search of fixtures - bathtub, shower, washer, dryer, sinks. We are ready to take on the construction and renovation that needs to be done to make our "camp" into a full-time home. It's going to take alot of sweat equity, and I'm sweating already. I'm constantly wondering if we're up to this task. I'm amazed at Jerry's expertise when it comes to construction. My experience stems from assembling the Barbie dream house. Not exactly worthy of real construction. I can snap plastic together like nobodys business, but lifting and hammering are somewhat out of my league. I will learn. We fixed up our house in Glen Cove, but I did alot of cheering and not so much lifting. This is a larger labor of love that will require my participation. Jerry is counting on me. But shopping is in my blood. Retail Therapy is our family motto. We were happily surprised at the showroom as prices were much better than Home Depot and Lowes, with larger selection and better quality. We're learning where to get stuff. We did find Staples, which was like going home. I'm very comfortable around office equipment. We now have a fax/copier/printer and I feel a little less isolated. Electronics are my link to the outside! Allison was happy to see the Colonie Mall. She has hope for her future. We didn't go in. we'll save that for a back to school excursion when I have been appropriately well rested and sufficiently medicated. Yesterday, I was only able to tackle the appliances. So, we're getting started with this massive project, one room at a time. The pasture has been cleared (Thank you Dan!) so we'll be out there clearing small brush as well. Hopefully, we'll get a little firewood out of it, and be able to put some aside for winter. With a 3 foot base being the norm here, we need to have wood. And summer is going too quickly. This is fun.

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