Saturday, July 12, 2008

For Sale

This is what appeared in yesterday's leader herald classified: For Sale: The cutest pigs you've ever seen. Also available, roasting pigs. Oh my God. If you're cute you're a pet. If you're not you're dinner? How do you qualify for either? Who makes the call? That is a little disturbing. Now I like roast pig, alot. If you've never been to pig roast you are missing something. It tastes delicious and fresh. If you can get past the apple in the mouth thing, which I find a little derogatory toward the pig, it is a real delicacy. But seeing it in print and so cruelly stated was kind of an eye opener. Thank God for Daphne we don't have those criteria here. We don't eat our pets. or she would be dinner. We went to Saratoga Springs yesterday. It is a must see. It was a combination of the Adirondacks and Manhattan. The architecture that is so beautifully restored and maintained is just spectacular. The stores are quirky and arty, or there is Borders and Seattle Coffee. Everyone is dining al fresco out the huge sidewalk. There is money there. Big money. And it shows. This is not your average upstate town. This is the big time. We ate lunch at the Circus Cafe which was decorated in the old circus motif, with an urban flair. The walls were brick with beautiful animal drawings on the brick, so that it looked as if the animal was coming through the wall. Quite well done. The food was the best I've ever had. Not just here in upstate new York, but anywhere. Like the Irish, the Adirondacks are not known for their cuisine. This is carb country. But I had a quesadilla with delicate greens and fresh tomatoes that was out of this world. We all enjoyed our meal. We did alot of walking around and I was pleasantly surprised at every turn. I had been through Saratoga Springs before, but never parked and stayed for the day. We had been to see our friends Dan the Bee guy and his wife Jennie at a quilters fair in Saratoga Springs City Center. They are dealers for an amazing quilting machine that is able to do intricate stitching. They had a great booth and we were so glad to see them. in the Center there was a juried quilt competition. The talent and creativity that is out there just amazes me. These people should have their own shows, their own networks! These are not bed quilts-but magnificent wall hangings. It is a wake up call for the creative mind. THEY ARE WAY AHEAD OF YOU! Just making the time to create these original pieces of art is daunting, no less following through with the idea and the material. I am in awe. Everything was so beautiful. Allie and I had a lovely time checking out fabric and participating in a pin-making activity out of old buttons. It was too fun, and now we have some wearable art. Not a bad day all in all. I just keep thinking about those pigs. I wonder who is making the cut and who isn't. And I must confess. I'm not exactly sure if I want to save the cuties, or order up a pig roast. It could go either way.

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