Monday, July 14, 2008


At the Southern Adirondack Bee Association (SABA) summer picnic, we met all different types of beekeepers, as well as some kids who manage bees. Most beekeepers that I have met tend to be earth-friendly and people friendly too. They are pleasant and have all kinds of good stories. One of the gentlemen there was also a falcon trainer. They all seem to be, without fail, people who are conscious of the environment and the consequences of our actions. The hosts, Anne and Ron Frye had a pond on their property. It included a dock in the center and a rope swing off the shoreline. All the kids had a ball catching frogs and setting them back. It took Allison all day but she finally went in (Go Allie!) It is a little different than a lake, as ponds tend to have smuck on the bottom. That's the only word I can think of. It is clay, with weeds and dirt mixed in. Smuck. There is nothing wrong with it, it is just different than we're used to. As Jethro said, we like that ce-ment pond. But after she went in, she was glad she did. Very refreshing. I did not go in. It wasn't the smuck factor, it was the temperature. As I said before, I am not a real adventurer when it comes to temperature. There are usually about three days in August that allow me to swim. The water temp. must be 90 degrees and the outdoor temp. must be 100 degress. It has to be a perfect alignment of roasting weather and then I will go in. The kids just jump right in. I was never able to do that. It causes my heart to freeze. That's not a technical term, but it is a shock to the system that I don't care for. I am finding here in upstate New York that many people have unusual jobs. It seems to be a place that allows more freedom in the occupation department. Folks are either making a go of it on one salary, or filling in with part time stuff that is seasonal and intermittent. We would never have tried to do that downstate. Way too risky. But here, it doesn't seem to matter. It is a mindset that I will have to get used to. Things here are generally more reasonable (gas is holding at $4.19)Jerry seems to be doing fine with it. He has been working with bees all over the place. They have had jobs in Saratoga County, Albany, and Schenectady. He is really getting around. The bees are his job. He likes it that way. Allison and I are holding down the home front. The interesting thing is that real estate is wacky too. A $400,000. home can be right next to a $20,000 shack. There aren't really bad neighborhoods, just bad houses. Of course in the city (gloversville) that changes a little, as there are worse areas than others, but in the outskirts of town where we are, it's limited to your property. You're either a pristeen manicured home, or you can have furniture, abandoned cars and appliances on your front lawn. And there is no difference. The two co-exist right next door to each other. We fall somewhere in between. I have not yet left an appliance on the front lawn, but as soon as our bathroom fixtures arrive, you may find a chopped up hot-tub out on the lawn. We haven't gotten our dump permit yet. One thing at a time.

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