Sunday, July 13, 2008

Laundry Day

Saturday was laundry day. We have a solar-powered washer and dryer. What that means is a washtub and a ringer, with a clothesline. Until the plumber is here and installs the washer and dryer we got in Colonie last week, this is the alternative I choose. I could go into town and spend time at the laundromat, but there is something about clothes hanging on the line that makes me nostalgic for my childhood. Everything dries crisp and fresh, and no ironing is required. I like to check its progress during the day, and sometimes change the way a heavy garment is hanging, so that it gets maximum sun. The washtub is a whole other ballgame. I remember using a washtub at my Aunt Lillian's in Bay Shore. Back when Bay Shore was rural. Her machine was electric, but it had a ringer. I was totally intrigued by that, and I have fond memories of helping her do laundry in her basement. Then we would carry it up to the porch and she would hang it on the line. She would hold the pins in her mouth as she hung each piece, and explain to me the best way to hang it. It is vivid still. So when I hang the clothes on the line, for me it is a nice memory. I did not understand back then how backbreaking a job it was. Today I am feeling the punishment of hanging out the clothes. My back and arms are aching, my shoulder is shot, and I see that today is going to be a Tylenol kind of day. I can hardly move. I am ashamed to say that upper body strength is not my best feature. In fact, I hardly have upper body strength at all. My left shoulder has sustained a rotator cuff injury, which I am still nursing (that was a moving injury) and the last time Jerry and I tried to install a ceiling, I was little help to him. My legs are very strong due to tap dancing, but I am still no match for Aunt Lillian. She was a force of nature. Never did I hear her complain, much like I am complaining now. She just did what had to be done and with a smile. I am not smiling now. Fortunately for me, I did the laundry yesterday. It was 80 degrees, sunny and warm. Perfect for laundry. Today it is dank. Rainy, humid and muggy. Nothing would dry today. I will spend the day in the recliner and soothe my body. Tomorrow I may get to the whites. That will be easier than jeans. I hope.

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