Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Medical Care

We have been here in Caroga Lake for a week and a half now. It feels as though we have been here forever. We have had alot of great experiences since we moved, but mostly we have just been observing as certain structural improvements are being worked on (not by us). This past week was our traditional vacation date, and it still feels as though we are just visiting. It has not truly sunk in that we are not visitors, but residents. We have our library cards, we have met the pharmacist and moved our account up here. Next will be our Doctor appointments. That is how you really know you've moved - you have a new Doctor. Now, word of mouth tells me that the local hospital is the one you should drive PAST on your way to Amsterdam. Amsterdam is approximately 10-15 miles away. That is where I am hoping to find my new team of medical professionals. Although the local meds are closer, I have heard from more than one person that it is not where you want to be, unless it is an acute emergency. I hope not to have any of those. Ever. But the reality is, the older we get, the more we should assume that it is a possibility. So, I am solving this predicament by finding a physician who has dual privileges. This way, in a real emergency we can get there fast. Once we are stable, they can move us the heck outta here! Once again, I most probably will offend someone, but let's face it - when it comes to medical issues, I am the one who must not be offended. It is OK to make this all about me, or Jerry, or Allison. I have acquired a good deal of experience dealing with the mediccal community, and they rate up there with the Amish in customer service. It is enough to make you crazy when trying to get your ailments taken care of. Of course there is the exception (Dr. Dentist comes to mind - I WILL be traveling back to the island for dental care!) - but it seems to me that the medical community could take a few lessons from the heating/cooling guys. I am hoping that this will be a positive experience, because so far we are enjoying the subtle changes of Long Island vs. Upstate. For us, the changes have been good. We'll see!

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