Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Even the Amish Screw Up

How do you express annoyance to the Amish? We had a date yesterday with Amish Dan. (Not to be confused with Dan the Bee Guy or Dan-Dave the Excavator). He was supposed to arrive in the morning to complete the job of clearing pasture for us. He is taking the Sugar Pine and our field is getting cleared - a win-win for both of us. He started the job in February and was last seen to be working on our job in early April. The majority of the job is done, but he keeps cancelling. This is the third missed date in two weeks. We can't call him, because he has no phone. He uses a community phone to call us, and has been appropriately apologetic when he cancels. But how long can this go on? How do you let the Amish know when you are annoyed? I feel as though they work so hard and have such simple demands, that my being irked is inappropriate. But irked I am. Jerry did give him a deadline when they spoke on the phone. He said thursday is the last chance. I felt this was kind of harsh. After all, the guy has about 13 children. He NEEDS our lumber. His 10 mile commute to our house from Palatine Bridge takes him about an hour - he travels by horse and carriage. That is a rough commute. I do feel bad, but I'm also looking at a pasture that is no use to us until it is cleared, so the battle goes on. We wait, we hope. I don't want to take the lumber from him, but we need to get moving here. Is this us being impatient Long Islanders, or are we being played by the Amish? I feel confident writing this question because we are assured that the Amish have no electricity. No phone, no no lights, hence no computer. Even their refrigeration is propane fired. I will assume that Dan (Amish Dan) will never read these words and therefore will never be offended. But what the hey is going on? This is his business. This is bad business. I will continue to hope he makes the deadline. I'm actually on his side. I don't want to be a rushy downstater, but I fear that I might be. It's a hard habit to break. Till the pasture is plowed - Jen

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