Monday, April 16, 2012

chicken shack

Our chicken coop has arrived, and along with it, the almost fulfillment of our "farm" dreams. Of course the rest of it will be when the actual chickens arrive. We have spent alot of time visiting chicks at our local Agway and Tractor Supply.  Our chickens will be coming from the Amish. The have told us sometime in May. Albert, the guy we purchased our coop from, has offered to keep the chicks until they are a little heartier, when they don't need the lamp and all that paraphanalia. I hope they are hearty enough to tolerate three dogs. I plan on introducing the dogs one at a time, so that they can meet the chicks as a minority. Hopefully, this will help. Our dogs have no idea what is coming.  I will try to get the video camera up and running before then. I think we'll need it.  We had a road trip this past weekend, down to Long Island for a dental visit. We never seem to have enough time to see all the people we want to, and it's a frustration every time. What I was able to have was half a gluton-free pizza in East Williston. It was probably the best pizza I've ever had, possibly because it has been denied for so long. I did not know that gluton-free could taste so good.  I scarfed down half a pizza.  Four slices-a personal best. I can't imagine that it helped my blood sugar, but when you're in the process of satisfying one craving, another denial is not in the cards.  One disease at a time please!

Today's weather is expected to be fabulous. High in the upper 80s. I have a few projects going on right now; painting the cottage, painting an acrylic landscape of Montauk Point, working on writing my  novel, or reading.  All are worthy of my time, but dependent upon my arthritic hands. Baking in the sun may be the winner.  It's all good on a day that will reach high in the 80s.  Doesn't matter much what you're doing on that kind of day. The air is heavy today. I haven't said THAT in a long time. Summer isn't far off. 

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