Friday, March 18, 2011

Got Mud?

Yes we do. It's been a long, cold winter, and the melting process is taking some time. It has it's own season, that which we call "Mud season" here in the Adirondacks. No one is safe from it, because we ALL have the same harsh winter to melt away. Those with paved driveways (the debate continues) are much happier than those of us with "rustic" driveways, which means essentially that you have paved a driveway into the landscape by simple continuous use. We have a circular driveway, which in my Long Island Mind is a step above those with a straight driveway. I love it. It's not the same circular driveway that existed in my youth, bicycling through Sands Point and dreaming of "someday. . . ", but I love it just the same. However, our driveway has taken quite a beating this winter, and the melt is becoming dangerous. I have to use the 4-wheel drive just to back up, and the north corner is sinking towards the pond. Drastic measures are needed, and that's where Dave comes in. Dave lives down the road and is busy boiling sap at this point in the season, but not too busy to come to our rescue. Solution? Rocks. Dave, who was the landscaper in our Rock project around the house, delivering huge boulders to give our front porch "the look" we were looking for, as well as designing the system for drainage, is delivering the rocks that will save us from mud oblivion. Poor Allison has been reduced to waiting for her bus at the road, on time, because the mud avoidance route is too timely and messy to take on while the bus is parked, with flashing lights, waiting for you. That is another blog for another day, but you get my point. The garbage bags get loaded onto the front porch, knotted up and waiting for the brave soul who will don their mud-boots and take them out to the pails that are at the "curb". We have no "curbs" per se, but again, I've made my point. Mud season takes on huge planning and avoidance times. Nothing outside of the house is spontaneous, because you have to figure out where it is you are going, and what you will need when you get to the other side? This is how people start wearing workboots to church. It's a slippery slope (no pun intended) when you are in the middle of mud season and have somewhere to go. April brides have been known to don workboots under their dresses. I don't know that I would take that extreme. My wedding day? I think packing an extra pair of shoes would not be a huge inconvenience but, hey, that's me. How far would YOU go to have the right shoes for your visit to town? They are delivering the rocks as we speak, and the dogs, who at first were barking maniacly when the truck arrived and dumped its load, have now adjusted to the sound and are sleeping through it. Very little inconveniences them. All they know is that it is spring, and as soon as I open the door, EVERYONE wants out. Yesterday, I was climbing underneath the porch to retrieve Daphne, who had decided that rolling around in the mud was a beautiful experience, and she wasn't quite ready to come in from the sunny day. Sweet dog. I now have a pile of towels by the front door, for use by anyone who comes in and hasn't made a good maneuver out there. I just keep thinking "May." By then, it will all be grass and stones. One can only hope. Got Boots?


Kittie Howard said...

Big applause for working with nature and using rocks for drainage. You've got a wonderful neighbor! It's been a tough winter (still lingers a bit) but a natural access to your beautiful home is so perfect in such a lovely setting.

Brianna said...

Holy Mud, Batman! That's one muddy driveway. Still seems like a beautiful place to live. I look forward to seeing your spring and summer pictures!

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