Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Marathon Shopping

Tis the season. I am seeing all around me people doing extraordinary things, in the name of the holidays. I have been witness to random acts of kindness, and perfectly wonderful gifts given to strangers. This is the best part of the holidays. I love that people are giving, even when they have little to themselves. It's a miracle for sure. We are in the last weeks of Christmas preparation and it seems as if half our family of kids will be joining us Christmas day. They will get on the road after breakfast on Christmas morning and get to us sometime in the afternoon. The group that is coming does not know the meaning of slogging through. We make that upstate to Long Island trip without benefit of rest stops, usually. Even the dogs have learned to hold it in and make good time. We're funny that way. I've taken to traveling with audio books these days. It is a good a proper way to really get into a book, and still do important things like keep your eyes on the road, or knit. I tend to be the passenger on those road trips, and I get alot of knitting done. It is the perfect way to pass the time and be able to ignore the roadside view, which has become quite ordinary. I've seen it alot. Jerry tends to tune out the audio books, unless it is something that he is really into, like a murder mystery or something. I myself prefer the introspective historical novels. Since I'm the one with an active library card, I usually win. It's hard to believe that it is December 14th, and we have not begun to Christmas shop yet. I'm still pondering the best way to attack this situation, and with Jerry in tow, I am thinking that the mall this weekend should be a great way to start. I know there are people out there who are done. They started shopping in September and have finished long ago. I prefer to wait until the last minute and really go in for the desperate shopping experience, where vendors are marking down left and right and you feel as if you've really worked at your purchase. A shopping warrior. I remember back to one year when I decided that I would get my shopping done early. I started in July. By the time Christmas came around I had forgotten what I had purchased and who it was for. I ended up doing the last minute run around because I realized that what seemed perfect in July was no longer right. Things change in six months. And I've also been guilty of finding Christmas goodies packed away in March-never delivered to their intended recipient. Hidden so well even I didn't find them. I am guilty of Christmas overload. Hence, the last minute shopping marathon. It's all fresh in my mind at Christmas. I can remember who I bought it for, and where I put it. See you at the mall!

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