Thursday, September 30, 2010


I am only one person. The brilliant plan to redecorate the guest bedroom began when I spotted a beautiful wallpaper on This is my favorite site to go to because you can peruse wallpaper books for hours without leaving your home. And you CAN do it for hours because although you may have something in your mind when you begin searching, the thousands of choices present themselves over and over with just a click of the mouse. Dangerous stuff. Since I have heard that wallpaper is coming back into vogue (and although I never quite gave up on it myself-I just love wallpaper) I made the choice to purchase the paper when I saw that it had gone on sale AFTER I picked it out. The good karma surrounding this circumstance was enough to propel my credit card information onto the order form. Now that the paper has arrived, and I have determined that I love it even more in person, I am ready to take on the wallpapering job. Here is where this brilliant plan has reached a glitch point. I look into the room that has an open futon, two end tables and a lateral file which holds our fax/copier,and I realize that I cannot do this alone. Me, the wallpaper queen, who spent a good part of the 80s and 90s wallpapering one bad apartment after another, transforming ugly and boring kitchens and bedrooms, leaving my mark behind me all over Long Island, is unable to tackle this 9.5 x 12 room. Eeeek! Things are bad. It's not that I cannot accomplish the wallpaper task-that is the easy part. But where do I put all of the room's contents while this is happening, and if I had a space to put it all, how would I move it all? I am overwhelmed and out of steam. Just thinking about it makes me tired. This is way more activity than I have participated in a long time. The wallpaper rolls stare at me woefully across the living room as I contemplate the possibilities. Jerry and I? Nah, he works all week and it's nice to enjoy our weekend together. This is a Monday through Friday project. Allison? Nope-she's swimming and barely fitting in her homework at night. Wallpapering a bedroom is not in her day. Any day. And so, here I sit. I walk down the hall sometimes and peek in to see if anything has changed. Bailey comes with me and slides under the bed while I'm thinking. He likes those sheltered places where he can get comfortable. Exploring this new underbed situation is right up his alley. When I turn back to the Living room, he follows me again. It is thundering again outside, so Bailey and I will be close all day. What a perfect day to wallpaper. Rainy and boring. If that room was clear I could have it done in a couple of hours. But alas, I am only one person.

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