Thursday, September 23, 2010

1St Full Day of Fall In Caroga Lake

Some Images of Fall, The pasture has really filled in, border trees changing fast The Road infront of our home, so far the Maple has really taken off.
The pond and a couple of Maples
This is the View that we have every day out our window at the computer desk
As you can see house is coming along and siding is very close to being finished
Fall is creeping up on us and the leaves turning way too fast for me. Everyday as I travel up and down our road I notice how things are changing fast. Every turn is a Picture that needs to be taken and framed.
Deer & Bear season have or will be starting here soon, hunters already in the woods, scouting or hunting the early bear season.. Reports are that a bear was sighted just down the road, no reports if he has been taken yet. I have seen many Does in the last few weeks ....Not a Buck yet.
Jen's Been Home taking care of the house , family . She is working on a new layout for the soon new living room furniture. Guest Bedroom Wallpaper has been ordered and soon she will be on that. Most weekend mornings we take it a little slower here and have our coffee out on the front porch. Just a great view but it's getting a little cool for that, I suspect that we have only a few weekends left before our Weekend coffees are not on the porch but around the pellet stove.
Pellet stove has been on, set at about 68 and it does turn it's self on over night.
Three tons of pellets delivered the other day and just waiting to be carried into the basement.
Any Young Family bucks looking to take a day or weekend trip up to help???? We will Feed Ya!
Ali Is in school, looking or thinking about colleges, we did visit one here in the Albany area and it seemed very nice.... More to look at. She is on the Johnstown H.S. Swim team and appears by reports from Jen that Ali is doing good. I have not been able to attend the meets as I am at work when they start and don't return until after they are over...Go Ali!
As I suspect you all know We are Grand Parents and already we miss seeing Payton and New born little Michael. Nicole , Mike Come be leaf Peepers and Bring those Grandchildren.
Walter, Brian & Jackie we miss you guys too.. Bring those mates along and lets go on a Hayride .
Apples are being picked, Pumpkins are flying out the door down at Rogers.
Til Next time Gang..........Jerry

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